The Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn

Theatre for All (2010 – 2012) is an audience development initiative, working together with partner theatre companies, designed to engage new audiences – particularly local disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. The Experience Business is in Year 3 of a formative evaluation project combining observation, interview and focus groups to explore the deep impacts of people's engagement with the project. The results are providing compelling proof of the benefits and value of the initiative, as well as providing practical recommendations for delivery improvement as the project continues to unfold.

The value of Lisa's work is hard to measure; invaluable springs to mind.  Her insight, experience, sensitivity and grasp of people are quite unique. No one escapes the questioning but likewise no one feels they have been questioned!  All participants who worked with Lisa felt they had experienced and been a part of something special.  Her work is without doubt of huge value to the Arts.

Claire Bigley, Arts Development Team Leader, The Brindley