Dada-South Deaf and Disability Development Agency

Fuelled by the need to re-focus on its mission and business objectives in a climate of narrowing and shifting of funding priorities, Dada-South commissioned this in-depth exploration of its vision, values and brand. Research with artists and stakeholders, an internal brand workshop and Board Away Day succeeded in connecting participants with a shared set of core values. These informed the development of a brand strategy that has set the trajectory for organisational change that is still underway.

Lisa played a critical role in Dada-South's rebranding process, facilitating staff and board through change and reposition towards achieving a brand vision that really reflects who we are and what we're about. Lisa's approach is process driven and enabled us to really explore what is unique and compelling about our organisation. She steered us through some complicated discussions and some exciting discoveries with her competent and confident manner. She produced comprehensive and inspiring reports that have been absolutely critical to our onward journey. On a personal level, I found working with Lisa to be refreshing, challenging (as it should be!), and wholly energising. From the first telephone conversation I knew that we would get something quite wonderful from Lisa. Beyond Lisa's energy and zealousness is a focus and grounding that will support the vision and value offer of any organisation.

Stevie Rice, Director, Dada-South