Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse

Following a £27million redevelopment, the Everyman commissioned user research to understand and refine the audience experience there. ‘Experience’ within the context of this research was understood as:

  • The physical movement and progression through the building,
  • The audience dynamics before and after a performance, and during the interval,
  • The nature and quality of interactions with staff,
  • The degree to which the building experience and Manifesto align.

A mixture of qualitative observational and face-to-face research provided the insight with which to refine the functionality and ‘welcome’ of the building, as well as suggest strategies to more closely align the Everyman brand experience with its inspirational Manifesto.

Working with Lisa is always a joy and her insight and wisdom in working with us we prepared to open our doors again was fantastic. We were tired and frustrated by finishing touches yet to be done, but Lisa helped us explore and understand our new theatre afresh, allowing us to enjoy and discover the delights (and a few challenges) the new theatre offered together with our audiences. Facilitating some tricky conversations around signage was particularly useful and her advice was acted upon. There is still learning to be taken forwards from the experience and I'm sure we will be working with The Experience Business again.

Sarah Ogle, Communication and Sales Director, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse