Musica Viva

We started with the question 'In what ways might a touring company engage more meaningfully with audiences at host venues?' By the end of the day, working with a cross-functional team of staff including marketing and artistic planning, we had a convincing set of actionable ideas to connect with audiences from the moment they arrived at the venue to the moment they left for home.

Some of these included simple but impactful ideas like 'Ask me anything' hosts and 'Try a cello', to more complex long-term initiatives like family clubs and special post-concert events. Ideas from the session have been tested across 2014 and will be rolled out more comprehensively across the country in 2015. Such initiatives allow for audiences to connect with the organisation and with other concertgoers, and increase the musical and intrinsic impacts of the performances presented.

Lisa spent a day facilitating an audience experience design workshop for us. It was one of the most impactful and useful training sessions we've ever run at MVA, and nicely underpinned by the idea that the best ideas and innovation come from within an organisation rather than imposed from outside.

Rebecca MacFarling, Director of Sales & Marketing Musica Viva, Sydney