North East Children's Theatre Consortium

The NECTC is a partnership of seven venues in the North East committed to developing their programming and enhancing their overall experience offer in order to attract and retain family audiences. Theatre Hullabaloo commissioned The Experience Business to drive the Audience Development element of this 3-year project. Work has focused on broadening venue’s understanding of audience development by making audience experience central to every output: messaging, website presence, facilities, audience enrichment activities, ambiance and overall welcome to name but a few.

Working alongside Lisa to shape a family-friendly offer across a consortium of venues in the North East has been invigorating and inspiring. Her focus on the importance of the audience experience has meant that we have viewed the programming of excellent theatre for children and young people in a holistic way, recognising that venues must be places that children and their families feel are for them.

Miranda Thain, Creative Producer, Theatre Hullabaloo