The Octagon Theatre, Bolton

The Octagon Theatre commissioned The Experience Business to work with its senior managers and other staff to effect a step change in their thinking around loyalty building and revenue generation. To this end, The Experience Business delivered a programme of workshops designed to re-conceptualise and reinvigorate the theatre’s experience offer. The programme was applied across all areas, from catering and fundraising to marketing and programming, interior design and building layout to community engagement and online visits. The workshops were highly participatory and exploratory in nature. They covered topics such as creative thinking, core purpose, mapping the audience experience and – importantly - designing for intended experiences that would create mutual value for the audience and the theatre.

Lisa delivered The Octagon Experience Programme through a series of creative workshops which have brought two huge gifts to the organisation; a change in our thinking and a fresh insight into our audiences. Her unique approach has allowed new ideas to flourish in a safe, fun and productive environment. The impact of her Experience Programme can be felt across the whole organisation. We've learnt how to apply the same care and skill with which we create our shows to how we create an experience for our audience.

Roddy Gauld, Chief Executive, The Octagon Theatre