The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

The Royal Exchange Theatre wanted to create a wrap-around family experience that would enhance the ‘special night out-ness’ of its family show, Rat's Tales. The Experience Business worked with a cross-functional team of front-line staff to produce a ‘Family Experience Plan’ which they developed into working prototypes, tested with families and then produced. Three strands of innovation define this project:

  1. a focus on targeted Strategic Value Creation
  2. the high involvement of service-delivery personnel in a creative project
  3. the creation of a Family Experience Plan designed to compliment the artistic offer as well as create additional value, with associated KPIs.
The Family Experience Project was creative, unique and engaging, delivering brilliant results. Using the inventive techniques Lisa introduced us to, we now have the building blocks to further develop our customer experience plans moving forward.

Claire Will, Marketing and Communications Director, Royal Exchange Theatre