RiksutstAllningar / Swedish Travelling Exhibitions

Responses to a Visitor Experience Workshop entitled Visitor-topia given at a major museums and galleries conference in Visby, Sweden.

For me the main thing with your workshop was that you focused on the visitor experience and that institutions should learn to value the resource they have in collaborating more with their audience. I also like the fact that the workshop was all about the creative process – the ideas you develop in a group and also the energy it gives... Often we who work within the creative fields are not being very creative in the way we are working.

Lisa Lundstrom, Swedish Exhibitions Agency, Visby

The presentation Lisa gave, where she merged experience economy theories with cultural branding, was really interesting...Lisa showed how experience theories can be translated to the cultural sector and how the commercial sector is searching to replicate the value cultural organisations already have. I think branding through experiences will be more and more common in the future.

Therese Jonasson, Project Manager/Concept develop, Fabel Kommunikation, Stockholm