(audience/brand) experience = value
Cultural leaders and arts professionals need to understand and empathise with their audiences as human beings not just market segments in order to deliver genuine value.

Lisa Baxter, Founder, The Experience Business


(audience/brand) experience = value

The Experience Business believes that creating and delivering genuine value to audiences makes good business sense.

The need to secure the continued engagement of our audiences, visitors, customers and communities through a process of Strategic Value Creation is unequivocal. From excellent customer service to creating desirable, entertaining, thrilling, thought-provoking, resonant experiences, we have to Consciously, Skillfully, Strategically shape those experiences like a potter at the wheel so people will want to bring them into their lives.

This leads to increased revenue generating potential through higher attendance, deeper loyalty, customer referral and retention, advocacy and the development of alternative income streams and premium pricing initiatives.


The Experience Business exists to help organisations deliver value through astute customer focus. Underpinning its approach is a desire to explore the following questions:

  • What do creativity, art and culture mean in the daily reality of people's lives?
  • What drives our audiences to attend, to participate, to give?
  • How can we create experiences that deliver genuine value?
  • How are we ensuring that we are meaningful for the audiences of today and tomorrow?
  • How might we work with audiences, communities and stakeholders as a creative resource to deliver value as defined with them, not just by the artists or funders?
  • In what ways can we work to make our offer irresistible?

If you're interested in exploring those questions too, let's have a conversation.