Designed to stretch your team's thinking and practice

These immersive and highly participatory one-day workshops provide an inspiring organisational training event and are perfect for staff and Board away days.

Intended as 'serious fun', each workshop unfolds as a series of hands-on exercises designed to engage imaginations and stretch people's thinking in relation to the subject of the day.


Your workshops have been the most highly rated we've ever done. Participants rated it good/excellent in terms of quality of presentation and suitability for their needs.

Caroline Greener, Marketing Manager, Audiences North East

It was a really exciting, positive, inspirational experience you gave us, and will stand us in good stead for what is to come.

Jo Kay, The Audience Agents

You can choose from

Creative Thinking Lab

Kick start creative thinking in your organisation.

Do you feel ‘stuck’ in the same old patterns and processes? Is it difficult to explore possibility because of a prevailing ‘can’t do’ attitude? Creative Thinking Lab is designed to jump-start teams out of unproductive thinking patterns and encourage them into a positive, creative, ‘can-do’ mindset. This is a great team building session that will improve collaborative working and have a lasting impact.

Creative Thinking Lab will:

  • Encourage a creative approach to problem solving and solutions development
  • Get you to think better and smarter in relation to the challenges and opportunities you face
  • Inspire fresh thinking and new ideas
  • Work on a real organisational problem or identify a new opportunity

Participants will:

  • REFLECT on their personal and organisational thinking habits
  • EXPLORE the nuts and bolts of creative thinking
  • LEARN new thinking skills
  • EXPERIENCE creative thinking through a series of participatory exercises
  • APPLY creative thinking to a genuine organisational question

Make no mistake, The Experience Busness will put you through your paces. Be prepared to have your habitual thinking processes tested and stretched. By the end of it, everyone should be tired but happy!

I liked the way the training was handled. Mixture of listening, discussing and doing exercises. I also liked the way ideas were illustrated with anecdotal points. I took away lots of ideas to try, and different ways to think about things.


Audience Experience Lab

Shape and deliver better experiences for your audiences and visitors.

How often do we pause to understand our organisation from the audience's perspective? The Audience Experience Lab is designed to place your teams in the shoes of the audience, see the world through their eyes and revolutionise your customer-centricity.

Audience Experience Lab will:

  • Sharpen your focus on the audience experience
  • Equip you with the tools to understand and optimise your experience offer
  • Help you identify practical improvements you can implement immediately
  • Address silo thinking and encourage a holistic approach
  • Identify new product and service delivery opportunities to generate loyalty and/or revenue

Participants will:

  • EMPATHISE with the experiences of their audiences and visitors
  • DEVELOP audience personas as a starting point for the experience design process
  • ENGAGE in customer journey mapping
  • EXPLORE moments of truth and pain points
  • RE-IMAGINE a better experience offer
  • PLAN for implementation
Refreshing and insightful


Thought-provoking, interesting, light-bulb moment!


Thank you for your words of wisdom ... it’s such a refreshing change to combine valuable insight with practical tools.


Brand Development Lab

Become the creative producer of your brand experience

Is it possible to create a brand that is mission driven, emotionally engaging, experientially focused, agile, tailored and uniquely yours? It is, but it involves a healthy dose of myth busting and a reframing of the dominant views around branding.

Brand Development Lab will:

  • Revolutionise your thinking around what is a brand
  • Inspire you to think more creatively about your brand
  • Equip you to shape compelling brand experiences
  • Introduce you to pioneering thinking and frameworks
  • Move from a position of 'policing' the brand to 'creatively producing' it

Participants will:

  • EXPLORE innovative concepts such as the Golden Circle, the Brand Molecule, and Strategic Value Creation
  • REIMAGINE brand from the audience/stakeholder perspective
  • ARTICULATE a new brand ethos that is multi-dimensional and multi-channel
  • IDENTIFY ways of connecting Mission with audiences through Brand Experience Design
  • DEVELOP the beginnings of a Brand Experience Blueprint