On Being Conformist and the Reasons Why I Am Not One


Conforming is the kiss of death – spiritual death, intellectual death, professional death.

To conform is to ‘settle’ with what’s being served up.

The way to be and do things.

It’s accepting the power structures that are at play, and allowing the tail to wag the dog.

The problem with conforming is that it kills imagination and stifles innovation.

It is stagnation.

It turns us into laggards.

We lose our sense of self, our uniqueness, and our sparkle.

Whilst I applaud the daring non-conformist souls who work tirelessly to shift the dial in the arts and cultural sector, I despair at the prevailing entrenched practices that grind us down and wear us out until we forget why we are in this amazing business in the first place.

You know what I’m talking about.

Mercifully, as an independent operator, I don’t suffer the same restrictions. Give me a rule and I’ll question it, break it [if needs be] and rustle something up that works better, or changes the fundamental premise of that rule.

How does this feel? Messy. Hard Graft. Purposeful. Exhilarating. Exasperating. Emboldening. Deflating. Exciting. Creative. Important … and always Rewarding.

I’ll take that over conformity any time.

My hope is that through my blogs, I can share some of my work, perspectives, processes and ideas to inspire people to step out of the torpor of conformity and try something new, different, experimental or even downright outrageous.

Thought exercise

Bring to mind the things which you advertently or inadvertently conform to, for example, ways of doing things, established mindsets, or the expectations of important others. Pay attention to them and how they impact on your well-being, your performance and your sense of purpose.

  • How is this working out for you?
  • Are you happy to ‘settle’?
  • If not, are you brave enough to disrupt?
  • If yes, how might you begin?

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