Artist Development

Richard Feltham

Lisa is great with artists. She speaks our language. She understands where we are, where we need to be and wisely signposts how to get there. Her warm (dare I say it, ‘fun’) approach is underpinned by a strong philosophy, values, and, importantly, solid up-to-date theory. Looking for help to take your next bold steps in a world that needs you? Talk to Lisa.

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Kirsty Taylor

Lisa’s artist development process came at a very crucial stage in my project, and has genuinely shaped and inspired the future of my piece. Exploring and reflecting on my practice in a wholesome and authentic way really allowed me to nurture my early ideas and consider the true meaning and ethos of my work. I came away feeling confident and excited in articulating what experience I want my audience to have and why, which for me underpins the reason I create the work I do.

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Kirre Arneberg

Lisa creates a ‘safe’ space where artists are comfortable sharing experiences in a way that feels natural and fun. She invites artists to infuse the creative process with a deeper consideration of what their intention is for their audience. The tools she shares are so clear you wonder why you haven’t been thinking like this before?

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