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I’ve been working in the arts and cultural sector for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience of arts organisations of all sizes and descriptions. After years of disillusionment with the way audiences were regarded [largely as beans to be counted or boxes to be ticked], I established The Experience Business in 2012 to ignite purpose driven, audience centred, experientially focussed and community rooted thinking and practice.
Whilst I’ve worked with many institutions, I am not institutionalised and so I’m able to call out the mindsets and patterns that can often hold organisations back. Some call me a provocateur and a disruptor. I like that.
My approach is probing, gently challenging, collaborative and facilitative, responding to the unique opportunities and contexts of those I work with. The methods I use are simple-yet-profound, creating safe spaces for people and organisations to blossom.


I’m the Founder of the Experience Business, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a certified Design Thinking Facilitator. Between 2020 – 2024 I was the Associate Director of the Centre for Cultural Value and co-designer/partnership manager of its innovative Collaborate fund, designed to support innovative research partnerships between cultural sector practitioners and academics around the subject of cultural value.


I have proudly served on the Boards of Walk the Plank and Transform Festival, and currently serve on the board of Handmade Productions, all of which are committed to creating innovative and delightful work that connects deeply with local communities.


I am also an Associate of the CKI, the Danish Centre for Arts and Interculture, and the MuseoSpace Foundation based in the Netherlands.

Public Speaking

I’m fortunate to have been invited many times to talk about my thinking and practice including the City of Cape Town Cultural Indaba [South Africa], Australia Council for the Arts – Arts Marketing Conference [Canberra], Arts and Audiences Conferences [Reykjavik, Helsinki, Bergen], Communicating the Arts [Paris], Connected Audiences: Museums and Emotions [Berlin], International Council of Museums [Moscow], UK Theatre [London], Adeste+ [Turin], Creative Bureaucracy Digital Festival [Europe], Culture Matters 2012: International Cultural Heritage Conference [Norwich], the Balkan Museums Network [North Macedonia], the Federation of Scottish Theatre [Edinburgh], Arts and Philanthropy Fundraising Summer School, TEATRON [Helsinki] and numerous appearances at the annual Arts Marketing Association conferences [UK wide].

Titles include:


I’ve given lectures and masterclasses on the subject of Creative Thinking, Experience Design and Brand Innovation at the University of Warwick, the University of Leeds, Deakin University Arts Participation Incubator Unit [Australia], the University of Sheffield, the University of Groningen [Netherlands], the Royal Northern College of Music and LIPA [Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts].


For over 20 years I have conducted qualitative research, specialising in the audience experience of buildings, customer services, brands, the arts, exhibitions etc. My practice was significantly enriched by my role as Lead Researcher in an AHRC/ACE funded programme called Qualitative Methods of Enquiry into the Arts Consumption Experience and its Impact [2008]. Together with the University of Sheffield and Audiences Yorkshire, I conducted pioneering work into the potential of qualitative research to reveal deeper understanding of the arts experience. As a result, I am now steeped in the amazingness that is the human experience of the arts and culture in all its manifestations, which inspired me to establish The Experience Business.

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