Capital Development

David Baxter

Working with Lisa Baxter has been transformational. The building that our theatre is in the middle of a major capital development and we are about to start with work in the theatre itself. It has become very clear to us that considerations about the customer experience using Lisa’s framework and approach would have greatly informed the design of the wider building project. There are some design elements that unfortunately are too late to change. If Lisa’s approach had been considered in more detail earlier on better decisions would have been made.

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Sarah Ogle

Working with Lisa is always a joy. Her insight and wisdom as we prepared to open the doors of the new Liverpool Everyman was fantastic. Lisa helped us explore and understand our new theatre afresh, allowing us to enjoy and discover the delights and challenges it offered.

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Ben Pilling

Lisa really helped students understand how they wanted to experience the space. She got under the skin of the issue in ways that we would not have been able to without her… The results of her work will significantly contribute to the transformation of UBU and ensure the experience we create is as amazing as we intend it to be

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