The skillful creation of unique, impactful, memorable brand experiences is what will differentiate you from other experience-based businesses, elevating you above the commercial playing field of the experience economy by offering the most authentic and meaningful experiences of all.
My work extends brand into the experiential realm to create unique brand worlds that have a signature look and feel. Working in this way creates a brand audiences will believe in and trust, based on their direct experience of everything you are and do.
Storyboarding the Brand Experience at Factory International


If you want to ignite the potential of your brand to build affinity and inspire loyalty, I can help you:


  • The Glasshouse International Centre for Music [formerly Sage Gateshead]
  • National Football Museum
  • Factory International

Talks, Training and Masterclasses

  • Arts Marketing Association Conference [Leeds]
  • UK Theatre [London]
  • Arts Participation Incubator Unit [Deakin University, Melbourne]
  • Tessitura Conference [Gateshead]
  • Communicating the Arts [Paris]
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