Exhibition Conceptualisation

Exhibition conceptualisation and development is about crafting a visitor journey that is experientially rich and emotionally engaging. This is how the learning lands best.
I can help you enhance the ‘emotional affect’ of your exhibitions to anchor that learning. This requires adopting new practices to build a more visitor-centred culture within your exhibition teams, embed the skills to conceptualise memorable, relevant and emotionally engaging on-gallery experiences, and produce more astute and emotionally intelligent design briefs that will power up how you work with exhibition designers. Ultimately, it’s about placing the visitor experience at the heart of the process.

Exhibition Conceptualisation

Whether you are master planning, looking to refresh your existing exhibitions or developing a new one, by collaborating with me you will:


  • National Football Museum
  • National Coalmining Museum
  • Museum of South Asian Art
  • Klingen Museum Solingen [Germany]
  • Courthouse Gallery [Australia]
  • Landesmuseum Württemberg [Germany]
  • Tullie House Museum

Training Programmes, Masterclasses and Keynotes

  • ICOM – International Council of Museums
  • NEMO – Network of European Museum Organisations
  • Balkan Museums Association
  • AMA Future Proof Museums
  • Austrian Museums Association
  • Swedish Exhibitions Agency
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